Abstract: Series 115, Lecture 6

The Harvey Lectures Series 115 (2019—2020)

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Lecture #6: Tuesday, November 30, -0001 — Time and Location

This lecture will be rescheduled.

How to build a cell

Julie A Theriot, PhD

Julie A Theriot, PhD

Professor, Department of Biology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Washington

Seattle, Washington

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How is a cell created from its molecular constituents? Individual proteins are typically only a few nanometers in size. Without a blueprint or an architect, these tiny molecular parts organize themselves in a dynamic and self-correcting manner to form precise cellular structures that may be four or five orders of magnitude larger. Understanding the proper spatial and temporal arrangement of macromolecules in cells, the large-scale coordination of their functions, and the choreography of their movements requires the discovery of organizational principles and mechanisms that work at a cellular scale, over the rapid time-frames consistent with life processes